Calendar of CPT Using ACF Date/Time Field

This is a work in progress. Displays a small calendar with dates specified using a date/time field in Advanced Custom Fields on a Custom Post Type. Currently assumes a posts to posts connection between two CPTs projects and activities.
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 0.26.47






The JS

 The CSS

The CSS is adapted from Mini Calendar

Display the calendar by placing the widget in a sidebar, where you can select the month and year, or directly in a template using:

<?php $jlv_cpt_calendar->printcalendar(12,2013); ?>

where 12 is the month and 2013 is the year

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For anyone still looking for a soluion, i have created a calendar plugin that works with custom post type and uses ACF custom_date to display the articles. If you need it, email me at : [email protected], and i can give it to you.

Right now i am trying to clean it a bit, and will be uploading it to wordpress repository asap.

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